QA Inspector Course

This course provides students with a solid foundation in “the language of industry” and an introductory level of competency for QA Inspectors.

Training Certificates will be issued.

QA Inspector

Part I - Basic Mathematical Concepts (4 hours)

Scientific Notation / Prefixes

Practice Exercises

Parts of an inch

Practice Exercises

Basic Blueprint Reading

Measuring Angles and Radii

Practice Exercises

Part II - Basic Metrology (4 hours)


Accuracy, Precision, Resolution

Measurement Errors

Measurement Standards

Accuracy Ratio

Units and Instruments

Practice Exercises

Part III - Dimensional Measurement Concepts (8 hours)

Physical Location of Measurement

Geometric Conditions Affecting Measurements

Practice Exercises

Z Component

Use of Fixtures

Properties of Materials

Thermal Expansion

Practice Exercises

Manufacturing Processes- General Concepts

Practice Exercises

Environmental Impact on Measurements

Sources of Measurement Variation  (Uncertainty)

Regulatory Aspects of the Calibration System

Active Summary, Q&A

Written Assessment