Transition Consulting, Guidance, and Support

OSHAS 18001 to ISO 45001 Transition, ISO 17025 Transition

For companies that wish to transition their Management System to the latest version of The Standard, the process consists of updating existing documentation / developing the required documentation and preparing for the Registration Audit. 


WCH will provide the resources necessary to facilitate, consult, and train personnel to accomplish the goal of becoming certified to the current version of The Standard.


On-site meetings, combined with remote support to accomplish the following objectives.

Kickoff Meeting:  A Kickoff Meeting will be held on Day 1.  At this meeting, each clause of the standard will be reviewed.  An estimated project plan and timeline will be established.  The team will analyze the GAPS between the company’s current Management System and the requirements of he Standard.

Management Training:  Training will focus on MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY and COMMITMENT, which is essential for success of the Management System.


Procedure Development:  Updating existing procedures for all required processes, and adding any new procedures that are necessary to address the gaps.


Coaching and Consulting:  On an as needed basis, the consultant will observe procedure steps, tasks and records.  The consultant will provide suggestions, templates and other materials, and answer questions to ensure procedural documentation and corresponding actions taken by employees are mirror images.  Items that will receive specific attention include, but are not limited to, strategic planning, risk analysis, internal and external interested parties, internal and external factors, and process inputs and outputs.

Employee Understanding & Awareness Training:   Providing all employees with a basic overview of a compliant Management System, their responsibilities, and what to expect when the Registrar conducts the Registration Audit.