AS9100D Supplier Flow Down Requirements

Section 8.4.3 of AS9100D states,"The organization shall communicate to external providers its requirements for . . . the need to . . . flow down to external providers applicable requirements including customer requirements."

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 Organizations are struggling with the logistics and specifics of this requirement and how to successfully implement them.

WCH suggests companies consider one of the following:

  1. Posting Supplier Flow Down Requirements on your company's website and referencing the website location on every Purchase Order,

  2. Adding Supplier Flow Down Requirements to your company's Terms and Conditions and including them with every Purchase Order, or

  3. Emailing a copy of Supplier Flow Down Requirements to each organization .

What might the Supplier Flow Down Requirements communication contain?

WCH has found that an acceptable communication simply refers to every item in Section 8.4.3 and indicates your company's requirements for your suppliers with respect to same.

The following is an excerpt from a Supplier Flow Down Requirements document that will serve as an example of how you might do this:

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