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GD&T Course

Students learn to read and correctly interpret blueprints / engineering drawings. Specific focus will be given to the basics of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T).  This course is the perfect introduction to GD&T, symbols, applications and methods of inspection.

Training Certificates will be issued.

Blueprint Reading

Blueprint Reading

  • Introduction to blue print reading, including kinds of lines and types of scale.

  • Dimensions, tolerances, materials, surface texture, etc.

  • Multi-view, auxiliary views, section views.

  • Title block information, including, dimensioning and tolerancing, machining specifications, list of materials, drawing notes, and drawing revision systems.



  • What is it? Why is it beneficial?

  • Advantages of using symbols versus other designations


Material Conditions



Basic Dimensions



  • Datum Features

  • Datum Feature Symbol


Feature- definition

Feature Control Frames


Reference to Datum


Types of Geometric Characteristics

  • Form

  • Orientation

  • Profile

  • Runout

  • Location


Symbols and Terminology


Applicability to Features

  • Rule 1: Limits of Size / Envelope Principle

  • Rule 2: Material Condition Rule / Pitch Diameter Rule


Bonus Tolerances


Training Approach


Class material will be delivered through Power Point presentation and whiteboard sketches.


Active summaries and assessments will be included to ensure training effectiveness.


The training will include hands-on exercises, utilizing company products and measuring tools to demonstrate application of GD&T Principles.


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