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QA Inspector Course

This course provides students with a solid foundation in “the language of industry” and an introductory level of competency for QA Inspectors.

Training Certificates will be issued.

QA Inspector

                Basic Mathematical Concepts

Scientific Notation / Prefixes

Practice Exercises

Parts of an inch

Practice Exercises

Basic Blueprint Reading

Measuring Angles and Radii

Practice Exercises

                Basic Metrology


Accuracy, Precision, Resolution

Measurement Errors

Measurement Standards

Accuracy Ratio

Units and Instruments

Practice Exercises

                Dimensional Measurement Concepts

Physical Location of Measurement

Geometric Conditions Affecting Measurements

Practice Exercises

Z Component

Use of Fixtures

Properties of Materials

Thermal Expansion

Practice Exercises

Manufacturing Processes- General Concepts


Practice Exercises

Environmental Impact on Measurements

Sources of Measurement Variation  (Uncertainty)

Regulatory Aspects of the Calibration System

Active Summary, Q&A

Written Assessment


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