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Blueprint Reading Course

This course provides students with a solid foundation in “the language of industry” and an introductory level of competency in beginning Blueprint Reading.

Students will be prepared for employment involving blueprint reading and for further study.

Training Certificates will be issued.

Blueprint Reading

This course is designed specifically for the “beginner blueprint reader” and / or individuals who have never taken a mechanical drawing course.  


It employs a blended learning curriculum which includes instructor-led lectures/discussions, demonstration models to enhance learning, supplemental videos, and intensive in-class, hands-on exercises involving reading and interpreting blueprints. 


CAD and solid modeling are discussed and put into context, however this is a foundational course and, as such, students will learn fundamentals which may stimulate a desire to pursue CAD or solid modeling as a follow-on course.  Likewise, GD&T and feature control frames are mentioned.

A certificate will be issued for each student who successfully completes the course.


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