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Quality At The Source Training

Quality At The Source is a lean manufacturing principle which defines that quality output is not only measured at the end of the production line but at every step of the productive process and being the responsibility of each individual who contributes to the production or on time delivery of a product or service.

Training Certificates will be issued.

Quality At The Source

Session 1:  Quality At The Source / Quality Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Controlled Exercise:  A simple (WCH-created) Customer Order is processed through to delivery to the Customer, including all of the necessary steps in between.


Speaks to Topics:  “What is Quality and Who Controls Quality”, “Customer Expectations”, “Personal Responsibility”, “Personal Accountability”, “Why is Quality Important to You”


Session 2:  Quality At The Source / Awareness Training


Focus:  We have written procedures; what good are they if we don’t use them?  This is not about Level 1 and Level 2 documents.  The focus is on Level 3, such as Instructions, Work Orders, etc. 


Required Advance Information:  Specific Level 3 documents will need to be understood / observed by WCH prior to this session – this may include the gathering of documents and records to be used to create in-session examples – keeping in mind, to stay away from ACTUAL problematic situations – see “Concerns” section, above.


Speaks to Topics: “What is Quality and Who Controls Quality”, “Personal Responsibility”, “Personal Accountability”


Session 3:  Quality At The Source / Productive Measurement


Focus:  Based on WCH’s QA Inspector Course – This abbreviated session is important for production and QA personnel, not only inspectors who have not attended the full QA Inspector training.  In many cases, we have found that engineers and managers who have attended this have enjoyed it and benefited, as well.


Speaks to Topics: “Quality Tools & Defect Training”, “What is Quality and Who Controls Quality”, “Personal Responsibility”, “Personal Accountability” 

This three-day course employs a blended learning curriculum which includes instructor-led lectures/discussions, demonstration models and a board game to enhance learning, and intensive in-class, hands-on exercises.

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