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Supplier Audits are one of the methods used to meet the requirements associated with control of external providers.

Supplier Audits can be used to establish, improve, or ascertain the relationship between different companies in order to verify compliance of a supplier's products and processes.

Supplier Audits

Supplier Audits

For organizations concerned about the impact of conducting Supplier Audits on their internal resources, WCH’s Supplier Audit services are a viable alternative.  WCH provides value-added, objective Supplier Audits in a cost and time efficient manner.


WCH Professional Services will:

  • Work with your suppliers to plan and schedule the audits to be conducted

  • Prepare for the specific audits to be conducted using WCH’s and the company’s audit preparation tools (i.e., checklists, schedules, etc.)

  • Conduct Supplier Audits required for system maintenance and compliance

  • Provide written reports that identify audit results including observations, opportunities for improvement and nonconformities that require Corrective Action


The scope of the audit will include:

  • All clauses of the standard(s)

  • All involved departments

  • A sampling of employees

  • All Level 1 and Level 2 documents (Manual and Procedures,) audited in their entirety

  • A sampling of Level 3 and 4 (Work Instructions), Spreadsheets, Forms, and Records) documents

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